Leftovers, perhaps that's the name for this
Överblivna, eller vad vi nu skall kalla dessa




 Let's see in 1998.
Season opening 1998 JULY 21 in Östersund, nearly exact in the middle of Sweden.
NO!!!! The season opening 1998 in Östersund was a real disaster. No elephants with horses, no time for rehearsal with music and requisite-boys and more, and technical problems. Perhaps it's better for the Bronett brothers to rent a complete circus again. AND, can you imagine any circus but Scott travelling with elephants, BUT, not have them in the ring as a part of the programm!!!!
SPECIAL: Scott was playing my hometown, Skara, Sunday 25 oct 1998, and Henri Bronett was interviewed in the local paper, (Skaraborgs Läns Tidning 26 oct-98), and, mama mia, Scott are not The Greatest Circus in Europe anymore. No, now I see the interview and there I read: "Circus Scott is the Greatest and Oldest Circus in the World"?!?!?!?! What's next?
One good thing: They had, for Gothenburg, the best Posters to read, (of all circuses 1998.).
Website: Yes
1999: N E W S!! Circus Scott NOW bill themselves as 'only' "NORDENS STÖRSTA CIRKUS",
(The Greatest Circus in the Nordic Countries).
Hm. Perhaps they have shrinked?
artists taxmoney not payed. And more:
2000 SEE THE NYTT/NEWS * SKVALLER/GOSSIP PAGE about this economical disaster.
2001 Still the same . . . .
2002 Still travelling with cars without tax payed and false numberplates . . . .


1998 IN SWEDEN another new so called 'new-circus' with theatrepeople opened. And, of course, the main thing for them are to get money from the taxpayers. And I don't even want to mention Stockholm as Europe's Cultural City . . . . NO! Forget it! I'll.
About this circus, Circus Vind, a so called 'Project': The circus closed after not more than 2½ week and around 803.000 swedish kronor, (more than 100.000 US $), "disappeared". And that after they have played in Stockholm on a central place near Gröna Lund Tivoli, before they start to travel. 705.000 swedish kronor was ("bidrag") /taxmoney from several state
"departments", the rest private sponsors. Artist and workers without salary and the tent-and light-company without money for the rent.

In Sweden 1998 also another theatreproject, a Nils Holgerson-play in a special designed tent for 2 million SWE Kronor. Their Pressrelease say that they rent the tent with workers for the whole season at a cost of 6 million SWE Kronor and that the budget for all included salarys and the rest is, read slowly,   23 million SWE Kronor !!!! The Tent is 38 m diam and with 900 chairs. The rehearsal was canceled (one was ill they said), and the opening in south of Sweden not so good. They had to change ticket-prices down a lot. It's a small theatregroup together with 'Riksteatern' (a form of taxpayed touring theatreorganisation) behind this adventure. Some technical problems too so they just now have a new tentmaster (from Circus) and hope to build it all in one day. I just wonder. . . .will they survive.
As I see it, even taxmoney/state sponsoring have its limits.  I hope!

1999, once again, half a million Swedish 'kronor' to a "circus", (no tent), started by a girl out of work, and who get a lot of money to play with,  It started some year ago and they have got millions of 'kronor' since then. Taxpayers money. I, for one, don't like it. It's bull . . ( with the rest following).
If you are playing/fooling, that's OK, but, if you have a real circus, you yourself must pay. In Sweden.
In year 2000 they started circusschools for a lot of money. But not a single professional teacher
or old artist. I suppose the money is more important.
For 2001 they want a college-type education school for even more money. Completely rubbish.



In Sweden too, like other countries, we have a society with love for this performing art. It´s the Academy with own magazine and a fine circus-museum. Visit their website. You can subscribe on the magazine CIRKULÄRA NOTISER and purchase books. Not to mention look at some pictures. If you have some Q, send them by e-mail.










And I'm sure more will follow in the future . . . .

Säkerligen kommer mer här framöver . . . .